As an excuse for my next post (go on following this blog), I’ve written a bash script in order to analyse briefly the people that work in some Ubuntu dev-teams, inside Launchpad:

The script justs downloads the pages related to the members of these groups, and applies filters in order to analyze some numbers. You can see the magic of sed and grep of the code here but, let’s go for the results.

The first part shows the number of developers per country, based on the [approximation of] “Time zone” slot of each one’s page:

*** Countries (Time zones)
      1       Africa/Cairo
      2       Africa/Johannesburg
      2       America/Boise
     10       America/Chicago
      1       America/Denver
      1       America/Detroit
      1       America/Havana
      1       America/Lima
      7       America/Los_Angeles
      1       America/Mexico_City
      5       America/Montreal
     15       America/New_York
      1       America/St_Johns
      1       America/Toronto
      1       America/Vancouver
      1       Asia/Calcutta
      1       Asia/Karachi
      1       Asia/Novosibirsk
      1       Asia/Riyadh
      1       Asia/Shanghai
      1       Asia/Singapore
      1       Asia/Tokyo
      1       Australia/Hobart
      1       Australia/Melbourne
      5       Australia/Sydney
      2       Canada/Eastern
      1       Canada/Mountain
     21       Europe/Berlin
      1       Europe/Brussels
      1       Europe/Bucharest
      4       Europe/Copenhagen
      3       Europe/Helsinki
      1       Europe/Lisbon
      1       Europe/Ljubljana
     18       Europe/London
      6       Europe/Madrid
      2       Europe/Moscow
      1       Europe/Oslo
     18       Europe/Paris
      9       Europe/Rome
      3       Europe/Vienna
      1       Europe/Vilnius
      3       Europe/Warsaw
      2       Pacific/Auckland
      1       US/Central
      4       US/Eastern
      2       US/Pacific

The total is 170, and the most populated cities (>=10 developers) are Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Roma and Chicago. (The previous phrase is a nonsense in many cases e.g. Europe, cause each city label is an indicator for the country more than for the city itself; thanks Fabrice).

Cheking by regions, this is the distribution:

  • 3 from Africa: Cairo, Johannesburg
  • 3 from America (not US & Canada): Havana, Mexico, Lima
  • 7 from Asia: Calcutta, Karachi, Novosibirsk, Riyadh, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo
  • 8 from Australia & Pacific: Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland
  • 54 from US & Canada
  • 95 from Europe

Other info the script shows is the list of people from a city, the developers belonging to Ubuntu Women (only 5), and the Karma ranking. Feel free to download from here, use and improve it.

It’s great to know there are so many persons from so many countries working towards a common direction so useful for the world. Long live people working for Ubuntu (and Debian, and GNU, and Linux and… free software) around the world 😉

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4 Respuestas a “Analysing some Ubuntu dev teams”
  1. avatar fabrice_sp dice:


    Nice analysis!

    Just one comment about the top 10 cities: in Europe, as you used timezone to aggregate data, this represents countries more than cities, meaning that Germany has 21 developers, France, 18, …


  2. avatar Jeremy Bicha dice:

    By the way, there are men who are members of Ubuntu-Women and there are women who aren’t.

  3. avatar Mackenzie dice:

    As far as the UW thing goes:
    There is one core-dev that’s a woman.
    There are three MOTU that are women.
    There are two women with Per Package Uploader status.
    There is one woman with access to the Kernel packageset.

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